After School Tutoring

Enroll your kids in our programs

Children from other schools can benefit from our after school tutoring programs. This session holds from 1 to 6 pm and we tutor in subjects such as Math, French, Literacy, and Science in addition to homework help. 

We give children plenty of room to excel. Here, your child will learn alongside others, through interesting events, with the right materials and in classrooms resources that foster specific interests. The result? A child who thinks logically, solves problems, thrives socially, and displays exceptional strength of character.  Our teaching and learning plans are developed using the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum.

Math Tutoring

Mathematics can be a difficulty subject area for children. Our math tutors break down key math concepts for your child by building from the basic math skills and terms and applying it as a stepping stone to comprehending more challenging concepts. Through hands-on engaging lessons and personal instruction from our tutors, your child will gain confidence, as well as math knowledge.

Science Tutoring

Teaching science offers children the opportunity to increase their overall understanding of how and why things work. Science teaches kids about the world around them. From the human body to methods of transportation, science can explain the mechanics and reasons behind complex systems.

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Reading Tutoring

Reading is fundamental to functioning in today’s world. Reading develops the mind, creates imagination and builds language skills. Our reading tutors will work to bring out the best in your child — from decoding in Year 1 to reciting literature in secondary. Our tutors will help your child master basic skills and enhance reading comprehension.

Writing Tutoring

Writing is the primary basis upon which your work, your learning, and your intellect will be judged. Whether your child is in Year 1 or secondary school, our tutors can improve your child’s writing skills, build his or her confidence, and turn writing into a real strength.

Homework Help

As homework assignments become more challenging for parents, don’t fret, call Discovery Teaching and Learning Center for homework tutoring.  Our tutors can give your child the focused attention he or she needs.