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Telling bedtime stories to your little ones is beneficial in more than one way. For example, having a collection of bedtime storybooks for babies can not just help you put them to sleep quickly but also enhance their creative thinking abilities from a young age. 

It is never too early to introduce your baby to the world of stories. Doctors suggest that you start reading them baby stories from a very early age to boost her imagination. In fact, you can make reading aloud a habit while you’re still pregnant, as babies recognize their mother’s voice in the womb.

Setting time aside to read stories every day is a good habit. Bedtime and naptime are the best times. Making reading a part of night time routine would help your baby calm down and understand that it’s time to sleep. Set the time somewhere between 6.30 pm and 8.30 pm. Any time after that can make your little one tired.

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Long before your baby has started speaking, she is absorbing information about the language by listening to the stories you read. This will certainly reap benefits when your child starts her education. Babies around ten months can learn to turn pages and listen to new words. As your little one continues to grow, she would learn the art of reading from left to right. Babies, who are around a year old, can develop their problem-solving skills by listening to bedtime stories.

When you make story-reading your little one’s routine, it becomes a habit and a part of her life. Gradually, reading becomes a pleasure, and you do not have to ask her to read after she grows up. Later in life, reading may open the door to writing.


Culled from – momjunction.com