Tiny Acorns is a Private Daycare.

Our key learning objectives are from the UK’s National EYFS curriculum. This will ensure that all the children gain an enriching and positive first experience of learning. In class we touch on all the following areas of learning and development:



Indoor Comfort


Seats and Desks


Drop-off Area

Care Areas

Clean restrooms


UK Curriculum

Daycare school in Lekki

Bright Learning Environment

Our school environment plays an integral role in children’s learning. Our teachers create a multi-sensory, enabling environment that supports emergent literacy and numeracy.

Library & Reading Area

Our library and reading area is an essential part of our classrooms. This is the place where a love for words, books, and reading is sparked in our children.

Care & Nap Areas

Napping is an important routine in child care. Most children in infant, toddler and preschool programs will take regular naps while they are here. Our space has napping areas to best meet the needs of the children.

Outdoor Play Areas

Outdoor play provides a chance to practice social and emotional skills with other children, including problem-solving, turn-taking, encouragement, self-control, safe risk-taking, and following the rules of a game.

Daycare school in Lekki